I have made contributions in several fields, of which solving the mystery of the Ice Age extinctions is the most important.


THE VOLTAGE OF THE PHOTON, added August 1, 2023


Bishop Cubes® Shapeshifting Machines


I have been working on Bishop Cubes® on and off since the early 1990's. I built a manually-operated, physical model in the mid-2000's and a more refined version later sold as Bishop Cubes®. Robotic versions are in development.

The Construction and Utilization of Space Filling Polyhedra for Active Mesostructures,  December, 1995
The first paper, describing XY Active Cells. These are a more complicated version of Bishop Cubes®.

A Proposed MNT Active Cell, 1996
This goes in to some detail on a nanotech version of the XY Active Cell.

A Description of a Universal Assembler,  1996
In addition to being a shape-shifting machine an advanced version of my invention can also be used to manufacture other objects, including copies of itself.

The Enumeration and Space-Tiling Motifs of Marked Polyhedra,  August, 2007
The underlying geometry of X Active Cell Bishop Cubes®.

An image gallery of many different kinds of Bishop Cubes®.,  August, 2007

Bishop Cubes Shapeshifter videos on Youtube.

A very few Sets of Bishop Cubes® are currently available, in the Collector's Edition.


The Electromagnetics of Theory C and Theory N

An elucidation and extension of Ivor Catt's Theory C(att), by Forrest Bishop


The purposes of this website include refuting the old, conventional electromagnetic theory (Theory N), extending a replacement theory of electricity and magnetism (Theory C), and preserving the ancient record.

"'Theory C' is one of the greatest advances in the history of science, and is experiencing the same kind of obstruction as that experienced by Lavoisier's oxidation, getting rid of phlogiston, and the attempt to get rid of caloric." -Ivor Catt, Sept 8, 2005

We begin with the most important electromagnetics paper of the 20th Century, all two pages of it
"This is the historic first disclosure, in December, 1978, of research findings by Catt, Davidson and Walton."
"The flaw in this model [Theory N -FB] is revealed when we notice that the electric current entered the capacitor at one point only on the capacitor plate. We must then explain how the electric charge flowing down the wire suddenly distributes itself uniformly across the whole capacitor plate. We know that this cannot happen since the charge cannot flow out across the plate at a velocity in excess of the velocity of light." -Catt, Davidson, Walton, 1978


Some animations of how electricity works. I did these at Ivor Catt's house in May, 2006, with Ivor's consultation. I had never seen anything like this before. Uploaded May 5th, 2007

The Catt Question
"'Electricity' is the last of the medaeval fluids. Its downfall came when mass was attributed to it." -Ivor Catt, Sept 8, 2005
   The Catt Question is in regard to a two-wire transmission line in conventional electromagnetic theory (Theory N). See Figures 1, 2, and 3. In order for the transverse electric field to exist, there has to be an excess of negative electric charge transported toward the battery on the upper wire, and an excess of negative charge moving toward the load on the lower wire. Otherwise, there would not be any possible voltage difference between the two wires.
Where does the negative charge come from on the lower wire?
Hundreds of attempts, and no one has been able to answer this question. No one can.

Some books authored by Ivor Catt and his colleagues. These are out of print and were not previously available on the web. Ivor Catt may add from time to time: "21st Century comments on my books"

Electromagnetic Theory, Vol. 1, Uploaded on June 6, 2006
"There is far less knowledge and understanding of electromagnetic theory today, and this includes those in the highest places, than an outsider could possibly suppose." Electromagnetic Theory, Vol 1 as a searchable PDF,  Posted May 20, 2020

Electromagnetic Theory, Vol. 2, Uploaded on June 7, 2006.
"This volume contains the first disclosure of the most important advance in electromagnetic theory for a hundred years." -Catt Electromagnetic Theory, Vol 2 as a searchable PDF, Posted May 20, 2020

Digital Electronic DesignVol. 1, Uploaded June, 2006

Digital Electronic Design, Vol. 1 as a searchable PDF, Posted May 26, 2020

Digital Electronic Design, Vol. 2, Uploaded on June 9, 2006
"Volume 2 contains more practical advice on day to day digital design, along with some disclosures of fundamental advances in the art." Digital Electronic Design, Vol. 2 as a searchable PDF, Posted May 21, 2020

Oliver Heaviside, the Man, by G.F.CSearle, Uploaded on June 9,2006
"The late G.F.C. Searle, F.R.S., who was the friend of Oliver Heaviside for 33 years, wrote this, the only lengthy Heaviside biography, in 1950." Edited by Ivor Catt. First published January, 1987.
Oliver Heaviside the Man as a searchable PDF. Posted May 31, 2020


All searchable PDFs are provided by Anthony Wakefield, who also conducted The Wakefield Experiments.


Some Works of Forrest Bishop's

The Forbidden Equation: i = qc    (PDF)
The unassailable falsification of electric current, using elementary algebra. Behold the abyss. July, 2016.

Prof Chris Palmer of Oxford replies to The Forbidden Equation

Philosophy, Assertions, Hypotheses and Predictions of Theories N and C, October, 2005

The Fine-structure Constant and Some Relationships Between the Electromagnetic Wave Constants, October, 2007.
I discovered a more compact equation for the famous Fine Structure Constant.

Reforming Electromagnetic Units, Equations, and Concepts: An Extension of Ivor Catt's Theory
The Catt Question. The Two Pulses problem. The Wakefield Experiment. How TEM waves in a waveguide create the illusion of TE, TM modes. Units. I derived some elegant equations for the voltage of the photon. TEM-wave ring electron. July, 2012

Here is someone's partial list of my papers.



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