I have made contributions in several fields, of which solving the mystery of the Ice Age extinctions is the most important.


The Pleistocene Murders

What People Are Saying About The Pleistocene Murders
and The Solution to the Ice Age Extinctions

I also re-read your 2016 CNPS paper "The Solution to the Ice Age Extinctions". I loved it. It's NOT my field but it made sense to me. I also loved your style and your writing it as a detective story, with humor no less! I really do think you have solved the 'murder mystery' and 'Yes' please add my 'kind words' to your 'What People are Saying'." -Nick Percival

"What a wonderful and delightful article!! And I loved your style!" -Tihamer Toth-Fejel

"[Y]our Ice Age murder mystery article... I thoroughly enjoyed. You have an easy writing style, which made the story fun to read... I have continued to enjoy your creativity and the different perspective you bring to the world around us... your arguments are always finely constructed and well presented" -Jim D

"Fascinating and insightful story, thanks!" -Hans Schantz

"I've been reading this series with utter fascination... This was an enlightening journey. Great stuff." -Ing

"I also really enjoyed "The Solution to the Ice Age Extinctions". I didn't know you were studying prehistoric events too! I got intrigued by the detective story-framework from the start and the impeccable writing. The personification technique you used for your character is brilliant too." - Monica P

"That is one of the best Science articles I have read in a long time! I'm looking forward to more of your articles. I've read all the "Other Science" articles." -Rick Farwell

"Forrest... nice work on 'Ice Age Extinctions.' Can I forward it to the Heinsohn list?" -Clark W

"Forrest, Great article. Really liked your broad picture, and surprising detail of looking at the relation between different types of photosynthesis. Is the article available through a URL, in case I want to refer people to it?" -Michael Clarage

"Sometimes the big breakthroughs are not new research or new data, just looking at existing knowledge in a new framework so it renders a different picture. That can be remarkably hard when the picture cuts against the existing narrative everyone is locked into. You pointed out things I knew (different types of chlorophyll, some megafauna dying while other thrived, etc) but assembled them into a plausible picture that fits, but looks very different from the ones normally presented. Sort of like reading "Snowball Earth," and going "ah-HA!" The fact that it's a fun read is a bonus to me." -R

"You've knit together some very interesting aspects of evolutionary pressures that widely aren't, Forrest. Good work." -Jim J

"Your paper on the Ice Age Extinction was great! Intriguingly written and a convincing solution. It makes the other story presented in the top selling book 'Sapiens' become questionable (I.e. humans are to blame for the mega fauna extinction)" -Siggy G

"Kudos to Forrest for creating and posting this interesting and arresting 'Story'. He is my kind of guy in that he looks for and sees the big picture. I find the piece to be quite valuable...In further consideration, I feel that I drew short of affirming you enough for your article, which was stellar in its construction and impact." -Michael Armstrong, The Thunderbolts Project


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